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Top 3 Breakfasts In Warsaw For Your Hangover

If you've made good use of the unlimited alcohol on Warsaw Boat Party, joined the pub crawl like us and are anything like us there you are all to familiar with the arch enemy of a good night, the being the next day. To be honest its the morning that can be the hardest, If you can navigate your way through the hazy morning after to one of these top breakfast or brunch stops then you will be on your way to kissing that hangover goodby. The thought "Ill never drink again" will soon be sounding a lot like "maybe a couple of beers tonight" ;)


Coming in number at number 1 on our list is Aioli, in the very heart of central Warsaw, it has a very relaxed vibe with floor to ceiling plants, graffiti murals and some outrages artwork. Mon-Fri they offer breakfast for only 1zl(0.30 Euro cents) with any coffee purchase and on the weekend any coffee for 1zl with breakfast. Don't be fooled by the prices, its as fresh as fresh can be with bread baked daily. They even have a breakfast pizza for those needing a little extra to push through the morning hangover, plus all the regular breakfast essentials(Bacon sandwich, fresh juice etc)

Aioli has two locations as follows:

Address: ul. Świętokrzyska 18, 00-052 Warszawa, +48 22 6572126

Opening hours: Sun -Thur 9:00 am -12:00 am, Fri - Sat 9:00 am -1:00 am

2. Café Bristol

A shirt walk from the old town Café Bristol was opened in 1901 and for more then a century has been serving as a place, where Warsaw citizens and tourists meet for coffee, breakfast, lunch or a glass of wine. Traditional cakes, that the café is famous for coexist with modern sweets, showcasing artful craftsmanship of the confectionary. This is if you are looking for something a bit more elegant and fancy.

Address: 42/44 Warsaw, Poland

Opening hours: Mon - Sun:8:00 am - 8:00 pm

3. Bulke Bibulke

For the late risers or those of you that have really delved into the Warsaw nightlife, Bulke Bibulke specialises in all day breakfasts, brunch and sandwiches with a cappuccino included in every breakfast purchase. You can find them at two locations in central Warsaw. It has a very Bohemian vibe and is run by a very young and enthusiastic staff. Prices are very reasonable (at least for breakfast) and the restaurant has a range of gluten free and lactose free options. Stop by if you get the chance. You won’t regret it

Bulke Bibulke has two locations as follows:

Address: Puławska 24, 02-512 Warszawa, +48 796 21 44 88

Address: Zgoda 3, 00-018 Warszawa, +48 730 28 55 22

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