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The Best Riverside Bars In Warsaw

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

If you are visiting Warsaw for holiday or business in summer and you are looking for some cool spots in town to unwind and enjoy the cool breeze coming from a river, it is best you visit one of Warsaw’s riverside bars. Warsaw have one of the most beautiful rivers and beaches in Poland, because of its scenery and the beautiful panorama of the old town.

The most prominent rivers in Warsaw is the Vistula River. It is regarded as the longest river in Poland and one of the longest in Europe. The bank of River Vistula boast of many riverside bars of different unique selling points and we are quite sure you will find one there that suit your taste.

Below are the list of the best riverside bars in Warsaw you can visit to relax, unwind and enjoy the music and drinks if you are in Warsaw.


BarKa is one of the first barges of the new type of riverside bars that burst into Warsaw nightlife scene. It is located at a beautiful location along the river Vistula with great mix of music from funk, soul, alternative and experimental rock, jazz and independent electronica. It has a simple but beautiful design which will suit you if you are looking for a cool spot to sit and sip a cocktail while looking over one of Warsaw’s beautiful river.

Warsaw Boat Party

Although not a bar its a nightlife experience that cant be found anywhere in Warsaw, you might see it cruising down the Vistula river on Saturday nights wandering if the boat os on fire, but its just there fire breathing show, one of many extras surprises they have on every party including, an open bar, live DJ, magician & photo booth just to name a few.

Boogaloo Beach Bar

If you are looking for a place of total fun, Boogaloo beach bar is the place to be. With its colourful and well painted and designed bar boasting of activities, there is never a dull moment here. You can play volleyball, rent a kayak or take your kids to the playground and play disc golf. The drinks are okay and foods are fantastic with varying mix of reggae. It is a great place to unwind and relax. And when night falls, you can enjoy energetic parties with a mixture of dancehall, reggae and Latino music.

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