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A Weekend In Warsaw - Top 4 Alternative Things To Do.

Warsaw, there are so many things you should do. The city is vibrant and fun for any tourist even for a first timer. In this post, I’m going to write on 4 interesting things you should try in Warsaw. I’ll be writing on various fun activities and exciting places you can visit with your friends.


The Fotoplastikon in Warsaw is a machine containing over 7000 3D pictures. These pictures are not your average retro pictures. They are a huge variety of pictures taken by travelers who explored the world in the days long ago. In those days in Poland, a lot of people were sent to different corners of the world to capture pictures that an average person couldn’t see. These pictures represent everything in history. The sight is unbelievable.

Visit the Neon Museum in Warsaw

Poland experienced different wars in the olden days and this museum contains relics from these events. The items in these museum were picked and document by a Polish man named Ilona Karwińska. This museum is the only one of its kind in Poland and the biggest in all of Europe so anyone visiting Poland should try to go there. It’s a memory you won’t easily let go of.

Get Ship Faced on the Warsaw Boat Party

With lots of riverside bars and clubs in Warsaw, you can hardly overlook how fun and amazing a boat party with friends will be. @Warsaw Boat Party offer 2 hour party filled with unlimited alcohol, DJ, fire breathing show and VIP after party all for about €30 euros.

Eat lots of Local dishes

Polish dishes are sweet, ample and very rich in protein. There are lots of traditional dishes you can try like Bigos, Pierogi or even Zurek. It’s also important to know that eating out in Poland is very cheap and won’t force you to break the bank.

Here is my list of top 4 things to do in Warsaw

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